Best Antalya Hotels


Antalya is generally preferred by middle class Turk, Russian, Ukrainian and German tourists. It’s a wonderful city, full of beautiful resort hotels of which most of them welcome their guests in “all inclusive” concept.

Best Antalya hotels and best Antalya resorts have many first class features. Here are five of them…

maxx royal

Maxx Royal Kemer Resort & Spa

Founders of this incredibly beautiful resort hotel had the vision of building one of the best ten resorts of the world. It has three separate beaches in three bays. The hotel lies on about 180 thousand square meters with 74 villas in 6 different classes, 84 family residences of total 285 rooms. More than 1000 staff serves for distinguished guests. The technology used in rooms is in world standard. By installing an application in your smart phone, you are able to use your mobile device as a key of your room.

regnum carya

Regnum Carya Golf & Spa Resort

This is one of the latest hotels opened in Belek district of Antalya. It’s located inside the Carya Golf Club. The hotel which is built on nearly 180 thousand square meters full of pine trees, has wonderful architecture both inside and outside. The rooms have LCD TVs embedded inside the mirrors. The ambience gives a feeling of Las Vegas with light games inside and outside the pools.


Nirvana Lagoon Villas Suites & Spa

100 million Euros was spent to build Nirvana Lagoon Villas. With its wooden architecture, the hotel gives a feeling of the Maldives. There are 115 villas in 15 different types with totally 524 rooms. High class suites have separate gates opening directly to the garden and pool.

kaya palazzo

Kaya Palazzo Golf Resort

One of the best Antalya hotels is Kaya Palazzo. It’s designed by world famous WATG. The hotel represents luxury and magnificence together. Some of the suite rooms have private pools and villas close to sea as well as terrace rooms with pool.

maxx royal

Rixos Premium Belek

This is the flagship of upper class hotel chain, Rixos. It was launched in 2005 under the motto “hotel of the rich.” The hotel was renewed a few years ago to be “the hotel of 2023” which is the 100th anniversary of Turkish Republic. Wide, lux and comfortable rooms were redesigned. Having a rich beach center, Rixos Premium Belek offers the best sea-sun-sand experience of Mediterranean Sea. Lying of 405 thousand square meters, the hotel has 665 rooms, 35 suites and 39 villas.

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