The creepiest place on Earth

It was meant to be a seaside resort but it was left abandoned before it even opened

The Sanzhi Resort is one of the creepiest places on earth, with mystery plaguing the derelict UFO-shaped buildings.

Construction on the resort in the Sanzhi District in Taiwan began in 1978, but just two years later it was left a ghost town due to a number of mysterious suicides and deaths.

Nobody has legally been allowed to set foot on the resort’s land since 1980, but it has become an underground tourist attraction because of the paranormal activity and conspiracies that surround it.

The futuristic buildings were left to rot after a number of fatal accidents occurred during construction.

It is believed construction was never finished because the mysterious deaths drove the builders away.

Several workers began committing suicide even though they never showed signs of depression and there were a number of fatal car accidents on a street nearby.

There a number of conspiracy theories and some believe the resort was sitting on top of a graveyard full of Dutch soldiers. Some construction workers claimed they were visited by spirits who did not want their sacred ground disturbed by the commercial property.

Others who were more superstitious believed the resort was cursed after an ornament of a dragon was destroyed.

A large concrete dragon stood at the entrance to the pod city and the story goes somebody made the decision to destroy the ceremonial dragon statue so the entrance could be widened.

In Asian culture, dragons are a symbol of good fortune and energy.

They are believed to bring luck, prosperity and consistent success.

The dragon is powerful and confident and is a symbol of heroism.

Now glass windows in the pods are smashed, roofs have rotted away and slippery slides for children stand alone near a scummy, man-made pool.

The pods are now a faded red, yellow or blue, with much of the area graffitied.

Tourist Carrie Kellenberger visited the space-like village with a friend, breaking in through a shattered window to get onto the land.

“It was eerily quiet. It was so quiet, we could hear the crashing of the waves at the waterfront and the grass blowing,” she wrote on her blog.

“The pods were in various states of disrepair. Some had their entire roofs ripped off, others had collapsed in on themselves. It was obvious that people had been living in some of them. The sheer amount of destruction was mind-blowing.

“We traversed the length of the complex, slowly circling the man-made pool and ramp that was supposed to house a mini-amusement park for children. A long, white waterside lay

Ms Kellenberger and a friend climbed inside one of the derelict pods where she noticed “shoddy craftsmanship”.

“It’s hard to imagine these pods surviving the harsh summer and winter weather that Northern Taiwan’s coastline is famous for,” she wrote.

“The concrete stairs were uneven and crumbling apart. The collapsed roofs and walls are paper-thin and would never have survived a tropical storm.

“The view from the windows is unbelievable. There are miles of unspoilt coastline. Close your eyes to the destruction and for a few minutes you can see how it was intended to look before it was abandoned.

“It would have been magnificent. Instead, it is nothing but a complete waste.”

According to, a president of a local beer house in Taiwan wanted to complete the futuristic pod village.

In 1989 he recruited a team of architects and designers and had more than $32 million to put towards the project.

However the pod village was never completed due to the poor materials used to build the UFO-shaped pods in the first place.

The resort was made of reinforced concrete and covered with fibre-reinforced plastic.

If an earthquake hit Taiwan, the pods would be seriously damaged and the new construction team did not want to build it from the beginning.

Despite the number of stories about the sinister happenings in the Sanzhi ghost town, nobody ever did find out what happened and nobody ever will.

The pod resort was knocked down around 2010 and not a trace of the small village remains.

It is understood another beach hotel was going to be built over the pod resort. (Tourexpi)

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